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Hi! So glad you're here

My name is Bethel Tsegaye and I'm a plant-based and gluten free baker. I started Teff & Co. to offer wholesome, nutritious and delicious baked goods and recipes with the miracle grain, teff. I'm committed to sharing the wonders of teff, a naturally gluten free grain, with the world through my baked goods and recipes. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Our Goods

Teff & Co. strives to use the best ingredients in our baked goods. We provide a variety of cookies, pastries, donuts, cakes and breads along with seasonal items. We also take custom orders for birthday or events. 


We are committed to providing our customers baked goods that are not only healthy but delicious. Teff & Co. wants to break away from the notion that vegan and gluten free foods are the exception and that they don't taste good! Join us in our mission to satisfy our desire for great tasting vegan and gluten free food! 

Image by Whitney Wright
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