Teff & Co. is a home-grown business run by local resident Bethel Tsegaye. Bethel is a self-taught baker who became gluten intolerant in 2013 while she was living abroad in the Netherlands. Since then she has traveled the world experiencing different foods and trying out gluten free products, in search for baked goods that taste good. 


One grain that has stayed true to her native Ethiopian roots, is Teff. Teff is a naturally gluten free grain that grows in Ethiopia and has traditionally been used to make an Ethiopian staple, Injera. Over the years Bethel began to experiment with Teff in her baking. The bold and rich earthy flavors are a great addition to many baked goods, providing texture and a great source of nutrients. 


Over the years, Bethel’s food allergies escalated which led her to a dairy free and meat free lifestyle. After six years living in the Netherlands, she returned to the DC area only to find limited gluten free and vegan bakeries and restaurants. Out of her passion for baking, and conviction to make fresh and great tasting food available for people like her, she started Teff & Co..

Our Goods

Teff & Co. strives to use the best ingredients in our baked goods. We provide a variety of cookies, pastries, donuts, cakes and breads along with seasonal items. We also take custom orders for birthday or events. 


We are committed to providing our customers baked goods that are not only healthy but delicious. Teff & Co. wants to break away from the notion that vegan and gluten free foods are the exception and that they don't taste good! Join us in our mission to satisfy our desire for great tasting vegan and gluten free food! 

Image by Whitney Wright